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Bliss Pet Services is our division specializing in the International transport of pets.

Our goal is to provide a service strongly oriented to the needs of animals through the passion, love and respect we have for them combined with our professionalism and competence. This philosophy prompted us in 2011 to start-up this organization and has allowed us to achieve the extraordinary.

Each and every day we help owners in the process of transferring their 4-legged friends, offering them concrete and ideal solutions according to their needs.

The first contact with the customer is usually accompanied by great amazement: “so it’s possible for my pet  to travel by plane? Well that is great news!”.

From that first phone call, to the arrival of the animal in their future home, communication with the customer is at the center of our work. The service is organized with obsessive care, respect and attention to the transferred pet.

Clear timing and transparency are imperative in our way of working.

We don’t just offer a solution to a problem felt by many families, we want to offer the best, always.

Bliss Pets is part of the International IPATA Association and is the only company in the industry with an ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system. The staff is highly specialized and has obtained the IATA LAR (Live Animals Regulations) certification.

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We are the five-star travel agency for your four-legged friends. We love animals and we work with care and commitment every day to transfer them around the world, focusing our attention on their comfort while traveling, their safety and their protection. Our only goal is to make you hug your precious pet as soon as possible, safe and sound, and eliminate the stress of their journey – both for them and you!


Establish ourselves as the number one brand in Italy in the Domestic Animal Shipping sector, reuniting small animal friends with their families in their new home, anywhere in the world, through a unique experience of its kind.

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We support animal protection organizations

We make donations to protect and safeguard animal species. Among the various projects we take part in: Tra i vari progetti a cui abbiamo preso parte:

  • Tartalove: animal adoption project for the protection and preservation of sea turtles, increasingly at risk of extinction.
  • Liberi di galoppare: animal protection project against cruelty linked to horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules, which we participate on a continuing basis.

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