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"From the first moment I started in the profession, I have always reflected on how a family feels when they have to move abroad. After meeting thousands of people and being welcomed with confidence into their homes, I realize that before satisfying a need, it is necessary to satisfy a Value, a Criterion.  At Bliss, we aim to satisfy all of these concerns ... ".

Francesco Argirò - CEO of Bliss Corporation


We strive to provide you with a gateway to your new life abroad.

Moving abroad is a delicate and complex moment for the whole family.

Changing careers, friendships, relationships and habits all takes time and can seem intimidating.

Our task is to relieve a family of those fears and anxieties that naturally come with transferring abroad.

You will be able to weather and even enjoy a moment of unique change in your life without having to worry about organizing your move, the transfer of your pet or the handling of bureaucratic paperwork.

With Bliss you are guaranteed to have a partner and ally who handles transfer problems that inevitably arise and helps you live a blissful experience, in classic Bliss-style.

Bliss believes in the value of family.

All that we do is based on respect for the individual as well as family needs, on ethics, on the protection of goods in transit and on timely, constant and proactive communications aimed at making our client and his family live a surprisingly pleasant and unique experience.

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We pursue policies with a strong focus on environmental protection.


We belong to the most trusted worldwide industry associations, and we are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.


Deep understanding of the customer's needs helps us offer them a unique and satisfying experience.


Deep understanding of the customer's needs helps us offer them a unique and satisfying experience.


Our team is made up of professionals specialized in their work with an emphasis on continual training.


We are not satisfied with providing good service, we strive for perfection.


We strive to guarantee a WOW Experience to our customer throughout their transfer.


The family and its needs are always at the center. We find a tailor-made solution to fit their needs.


Constantly updating and implementing new solutions. This is BLISS.


Loving what we do helps us to do our best and continually offer our best to our customers.

the step of our story

Bliss Moving Is Founded

The first of Bliss Corporation Group’s three companies is born: Bliss Moving & Logistics


Bliss Moving & Logistics achieves UNI EN ISO 9001 certification


Transfer to the new ROME Headquarters (Palestrina).

bliss pet services is founded

The second of Bliss Group’s three companies is opened: Bliss Pets

iso certification - bliss pets

Bliss Pets achieves UNI EN ISO 9001 certification

bliss relocation is founded

The third of the Group’s three companies is created: Bliss Relocation

branch office in milan

The Bliss group inaugurates its second operational facility in Milan.


The BLISS LAB - "The problem solving and continuous improvement laboratory" is introduced.


Official entry of Bliss into this prestigious industry association.


Bliss Moving achieves the prestigious FIDI FAIM certification.


The new BLISS Ethics Code is drawn up - "the basic ethical principles in the daily conduct of our work"

paperless PROJECT

The BLISS Paperless project is born "The management of all our processes from paper to electronic"

bliss joins harmony

HARMONY is the largest network of Removals and Relocation companies in the world.

Associations and Chambers of Commerce.

An important role in the history of Bliss Corporation is played by our increasing involvement in associations and other entities

We are always eager for opportunities to expand our contacts, to exchange views and share updates on our sector and Italian and international economic dynamics.


chambers of commerce