Quality, Environment and Security Policy


To accompany the customer through all phases of the service allowing him to experience a state of pleasant surprise, in terms of the care, attention, efficiency and consistent communications they receive.


To satisfy not only our customers and clients, but also our employees, suppliers, partners, institutions and business partners.

Legal compliance

To comply with current regulations, protect the environment, comply with health and safety requirements in the workplace and protect the rights of workers with an emphasis on social responsibility.

Involvement of staff 

To keep all personnel actively engaged in the processes through training, awareness and consultation for the achievement of our company objectives.

Affirmation and development in the market

To strive to expand our customer base, increase work orders and their quality and explore new market areas.

Environmental Protection

To implement a systematic approach to help reduce and prevent pollution and to respect the environment and the animals that live here.  Employ measures to reduce pollution, optimize consumption, study solutions to lessen the environmental impact of debris disposal and promote recycling

Compliance with social responsibility and health & safety criteria

To protect individual’s rights by constantly improving the work environment, respect the freedom and dignity of workers by guaranteeing them an adequate wage and reasonable working hours and choose suppliers who respect these criteria.

Continuous improvement

To permeate our entire organization, employees and partners, with the philosophy of continuous improvement in the constant pursuit of excellence

Why are certain businesses successful?

Today, successful companies are those that seek excellence understood as an exceptional ability to manage the organization and achieve results through continuous improvement and eliminating errors.

The entrepreneurs who lead them are aware that the differentiating element is the continuous improvement of the people who make up their companies.

They spread their values ​​and ideals oriented towards quality and continuous improvement to employees and collaborators who in turn make them their own and change their way of thinking and behavior.

Assisted by management systems aimed at optimizing work, they constantly improve.

Professional growth coincides with company growth.

… there are those companies led by entrepreneurs who have embarked on the slow and gradual path that will lead them to the top floor of the “Success” building, without high spending and continuously supported by their team and partners who firmly believe in their company. Companies that offer, at a reasonable cost, a very high quality product or service that the customer cannot do without and cannot find a substitute for.

Whoever grasps the potential of this philosophy cam make a difference in any sphere, from work to sports, to life in general.

And in the pursuit of excellence that BLISS operates …

Matteo De Cesaris, General, HR and BLISS quality, Taken from the Removals Specialists Blog

Ethics code

In this increasingly fluid culture, that is, a culture in which there are substantially no fixed points and where everything seems to be relative to the much over hyped ethical dimension, the concept itself has seemingly become a symbol without substance.  Immersed in this sphere, companies and their people are always looking for ways to adapt.

BLISS supports and promotes, a Code of Ethics based on actual conduct. That is, a new model focused on the effectiveness of behavior for a new civil and business culture capable of indignation, rejecting clientelist and mere speculation. One that thrives on inalienable values ​​such as justice, honesty and the common good. The last and only concrete hope that remains is to respect ourselves, others and the planet itself which, moreover, we share as guests, on an equal footing, together with other animal and plant species.

Taken from the article “Etica delle condotte non etica dei codici” by Marco De Cesaris, Management Consultant, presented to the APCO Delegation Board on 12 June 2020

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