#2 Holger Thomas Juchum – General Manager of EUROMOVERS International

We often know the process that leads from an initial input to the final one. We come to know how our removal takes place, how our pet travels from one country to another, how a Relocation service is planned. Instead, our objective is to plunge into this fascinating world by interviewing the leading figures that compose it and live it on a day to day basis.

This is not only a question of “goods” but of successful people who have invested resources for a greater objective, going beyond their professional role. All these people are Global Mobility Leaders and it is our duty to interview them and make them known to the public.

The second character interviewed during our series of interviews, “Global Mobility Leaders”, is Thomas Juchum, General Manager of Euromovers, an associative group of leading companies in the international transport and moving sector.  

Francesco had the opportunity to meet and know Thomas a few years ago, and was fascinated by his personality and dedication to work as well as the way he has been able and continues to manage Euromovers. He certainly represents a noteworthy example deserving to be interviewed, a true Leader.

What will we ask them?

Information on their sector, their background, how they see the development of the market of reference over the next few years. Finally, we will get to know them better through more personal questions.

Are you ready to face this new adventure? If you are, follow us:

The second person to be interviewed is Holger Thomas Juchum, General Manager of EUROMOVERS International S.A . IAM is one of the most important associations dealing with the Global Mobility world. The great esteem and admiration held for him by Mr. Francesco Argirò, President & CEO of the Bliss Group, led us to ask him to be the first to “get the show going” in this new Heading. What more can I say, happy reading!

Introduce yourself, tell us something about you

My name is Holger Thomas Juchum, 56 years old, married, four children. I am the General Manager of EUROMOVERS International S.A. I live in Bonn, Germany and have my office in Luxembourg, where our HQs is situated.

What do you do for a living? What kind of relationship to you have with the Global Mobility world?

I am a full-time and permanent General Manager in my current position for 12 years. In the year 2000 I joined the national head of EUROMOVERS in Germany, first as the head of sales. A year later I was promoted to COO and in the year 2005 to CEO. In 2006, I accepted the position of the General Manager of EUROMOVERS International in Luxembourg.

I have joined the Logistics Industry in 1985 and the Moving Industry in 1990. During this time, I underwent all segments of the moving industry, strongly focused in staff training, supervision, quality management and traffic coordination. Since 1992 I am an internal auditor for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 and I am convinced of the TQM values.

What kind of characteristics are required for a professional to operate correctly within your field of competence?

The moving business is a “People’s business”. We are not producing tools, engines or other products. Our product are the services provided by our staff. It is not all about muscular strength. We are depending on open minded, intelligent persons, who are dedicated to their job and motivated to provide first-class quality and to satisfy our customers.

“People” are not only the operational staff, but also our administration, coordination and sales teams. “People” are our leaders, supervisors and managers. “People” are our customers.

We are working for and we are working with “People” of all character and all mentalities, whether they are from the North or the South, from Europe or Asia, from continent to continent.

The right dedication to the job is a characteristic to work successfully: You either hate it, or you love it. You are dealing with People, you must be able to listen to the youngest Crew member and to every customer. You must identify their concerns, their expectations and do everything possible to guide them to the right direction. Another characteristic is trustworthiness. You must be a person of integrity.

How do you imagine your sector 10 years from now?

Even in 10 years from now, we will still produce our services based on the skills of our staff. Globalization moves forward and travelling times will be quicker. I could imagine that the volumes will shrink. Considering the speed of development of the information systems and technologies, personal presence in different locations might become less significant. We must customize our services and think forward. Quality of life and business will play an even more important role.

How do you spend your leisure time? What makes you feel really good?

I am a family-person. I like sharing my leisure time with my wife and children. I like walking and gardening, reading articles and watching documentations and movies. Oh, and I like European beaches, the Mediterranean way of life and Italian food.

How did you get into contact with Bliss? What impressed you about our reality?

I have met the Bliss representatives numerous years ago during a business symposium in the U.S. Several members recommended Bliss as a quality-related and serious business. I had the pleasure to visit the company in Rome for an audit. I was impressed by the appearance of the company, the order and external condition of the premises, the smiling faces of the employees – which mirrors the management culture of the company.

I was most impressed by their dedication to quality, their training programs, their efforts they take for growth and education; the way, they are treating their Customers and Agents. It exceeded our requirements and indeed my personal expectations.

How did you meet the President of Bliss Corporation, Francesco Argirò? What do you have in common?

It was Francesco and his Dad, whom I met in the U.S. as mentioned before. We kept in touch and it was Francesco, who welcomed me to my visit of his company in Rome. I appreciate Francesco’s brightness and high talents, combined with his prudent management. I do not know if I share the same high level of values with him.

Francesco is a person of integrity.

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