#4 Antonio Tremols – Executive Director of PAIMA

Question no.1: Introduce yourself, tell us something about you

My name is Antonio Tremols and I have had the honor and pleasure of being the executive director of the Pan American International Movers Association (PAIMA) since April 2016. I was born in Washington, DC (my parents are Cuban) and grew up in South and Central America, moving many times due to my father’s career as an executive with the DuPont company. This adventure took the family to various countries including Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador. After graduating from the University of Delaware, I followed in his father’s footsteps and was responsible for marketing DuPont products internationally for a period of 20 years with the company.


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Question no.2: What do you do for a living? What kind of relationship do you have with the Global Mobility world?

As of April 2016, I have had the honor of being the executive director of PAIMA. I have the pleasure of working hand in hand with some of the top Global Mobility leaders and experts in the moving industry as I report to seven volunteer Board of Directors that either own or are top executives with companies in the moving industry. Besides my personal expertise as a client (since I have moved 14 times in my life, both domestically and internationally); I have had a plethora of incite and guidance by our PAIMA Board of Directors. I have lived and worked in lots of countries internationally throughout my life and this experience has helped me understand the diverse cultures that exist around the world. I think that’s very important in international business and is a key to being successful running an international association. I believe my international upbringing coupled with my international business experience and multicultural background positioned me to be a great fit for the PAIMA executive director position.


Question no. 3: What kind of characteristics are required for a professional to operate correctly within your field of competence?

One of the most important characteristics that is required to be successful in this position is having the ability to be able to respond to our Members needs and requests, quickly and efficiently. Quick response times to any Members needs is part of the recipe of success. As in any business, understanding our Members needs as an Association and responding to those needs quickly and efficiently is highly valued by our Member base. This responsiveness, tied into developing successful networking and team building solutions for our Association, has enabled us to bring and average of 10-17 New Members to PAIMA on a yearly basis.

Question no. 4: How do you imagine your sector 10 years from now?

I envision our sector to continue to evolve with advances in technology in the next 10 years. The technological revolution will keep bringing new tools and solutions not only to the moving industry, but also to the industries customer base that will have the ability to access even more information and data instantly, even faster than they have today (which is hard to imagine). Our internal mission is to keep leveraging technology in favor of our Members to give them more tools and information regarding industry advances and tools that will become available so they are informed and savvy to the evolution of technologies that will impact our Members and clients.


Question no. 5: How do you spend your leisure time? What makes you feel really good?tremols play tennis

My main form of true “bliss” is being able to spend time with my wife Kim, and my two boy’s Luke (14) and Noah (12) as well as being blessed to be able to spend time with my parents and in-laws that live in Miami. Away from work, I put a concerted effort to keep in shape by playing tennis and running. I am also a huge sports fan so I enjoy watching American football, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball and car racing.


Question no. 6: How did you get into contact with Bliss? What impressed you about our reality?

My initial introduction to Bliss was via e-mail. Our PAIMA Vice President met Francesco Argirò during a conference in Asia and we were introduced via e-mail in March 2017. I was informed that Bliss was possibly interested in joining PAIMA so of course we followed up expeditiously with a detailed background of our Association, the value adds and our membership application forms. I was impressed by the quick response from Francesco and by the professionalism and success that Bliss was and is enjoying as a company in this industry.


Question no. 7: How did you meet the President of Bliss Corporation, Francesco Argirò? What do you have in common?

After our initial introduction via e-mail in early 2017, Francesco and I agreed to have a face-to-face meeting during the IAM Convention in Long Beach California in October 2017. I was immediately drawn to Francesco by his outgoing and uniquely energetic personality. I knew the moment we met, that Francesco and his team would be a HUGE value add for PAIMA and her Members. Francesco and his team have always been extremely responsive (like PAIMA) and the consensus is that Francesco and the entire Bliss team are a perfect fit for PAIMA. I believe Francesco and I have very similar personalities as we are both extroverts thus we have established a mutual relationship of respect and admiration. PAIMA is ecstatic to have Francesco and Bliss as part of the PAIMA family!

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