#5 Charles “Chuck” White – President of the International Association of Movers (IAM)

We often know the process that leads from an initial input to the final one. We come to know how our removal takes place, how our pet travels from one country to another, how a Relocation service is planned. Instead, our objective is to plunge into this fascinating world by interviewing the leading figures that compose it and live it on a day to day basis.

This is not only a question of “goods” but of successful people who have invested resources for a greater objective, going beyond their professional role. All these people are Global Mobility Leaders and it is our duty to interview them and make them known to the public.

The fifth character interviewed during our series of interviews, “Global Mobility Leaders”, is Charles “Chuck” White, President of International Associations of Movers (IAM). 


What will we ask them?


Information on their sector, their background, how they see the development of the market of reference over the next few years. Finally, we will get to know them better through more personal questions.

Are you ready to face this new adventure? If you are, follow us:


Question no.1: Introduce yourself, tell us something about you


My name is Charles “Chuck” White. As of January 1, 2019, I am the new President of the International Association of Movers (IAM). I have worked at IAM for almost 15 years in a number of roles but my primary focus during that time was with U.S. government and military household goods business.

I am married to Rebecca and have two children, Breiana (28) and Mikayla (25) as well as a step-son, Corey (33).

Before working at IAM, I was employed in the moving industry. I worked for 11 years at an agency in the Washington, DC area called Executive Moving Systems. There is very little that I have not done at a moving company.

In another life before the moving industry, for 15 years I was a high school Biology teacher and an American Football coach.

Don’t try to add up all of the years in my work life! Suffice it to say…. I’m old. LOL


Question no.2: What do you do for a living? What kind of relationship do you have with the Global Mobility world? (Indicate also your role and your years of experience in this field)


As I’ve said, I am currently the President of the International Association of Movers. In my new role I oversee a staff of 11 people but that staff is also augmented by contractors we utilize to help produce our magazine, support our government relations efforts with the U.S. government and to help organize our Annual Meeting. Overall, I oversee approximately 20 individuals that either work directly for or support IAM in all of its efforts on behalf of our membership.

IAM is a trade association with approximately 2200 member companies in over 170 countries. We believe that IAM’s role is to help unite the world’s household goods and mobility industry through our new Mobility Exchange (IAMX) membership database tool, our Annual Meeting, our new IAM Learning initiative and a number of other initiatives that help connect business partners around the world.


Question no. 3: What kind of characteristics are required for a professional to operate correctly within your field of competence?


I see one of the key characteristics required to help me be successful in my new role is to be a good listener. As the leader of a membership organization I continually hear from a wide group of our stakeholders. I hear from IAM members, from my staff, I receive feedback from our Board of Directors and from industry customer groups. All of these groups have very valid ideas and concerns. I must be able to take in all of the ideas and then make determinations regarding what is actually best for the organization. If I am not actually listening then I can’t possibly bring forth the best results to help make our membership successful.

Another critical characteristic for a leader in today’s environment is to be unafraid of change. Change should be embraced. Change is happening in today’s world at an exponential pace. Anyone that is afraid to deal with this ever-changing landscape will be left behind and become a fossil. A real leader needs to at the forefront of change rather than being stuck in the present.


Question no. 4: How do you imagine your sector 10 years from now?chuck with wife


I really operate in two sectors. I am involved in the mobility arena and in the Association/non-profit world. I lead an Association and that environment is very dynamic and ever changing. I have found that if one person does something then there is likely an Association designed for them. Associations exist to provide a collective voice for an industry, to provide education and business opportunities for their membership and to act as an advocate for the entities that make up their membership. I don’t see that changing much in the next 10 years. However, with multiple Associations now existing in the mobility space there is an ongoing battle for membership dollars. Associations need to be sure they are bringing real value to their membership or they stand to fall by the wayside or of being absorbed by other organizations.

Similar factors are operating in the mobility space. Consolidation seems to be the way things continue to move. I see a somewhat smaller landscape in 10 years but those that embrace the use of technology and those that are willing to diversify their offerings will continue to be viable. Once again, those that don’t embrace change will likely not be there in a decade.


Question no. 5: How do you spend your leisure time? What makes you feel really good?


I am a sports fanatic. I love almost all sports. I played American Football but love watching basketball, Futbol (soccer) and just about any other sport you can think of.

I also love the beach. Almost all of my holidays are spent at a beach somewhere in the world. I find real peace and relaxation when I am by the water.


Question no. 6: How did you get into contact with Bliss? What impressed you about our reality?


Bliss has been a member of IAM since 2009 and I first became aware of the organization when Francesco join the IAM-YP groups management board. In 2018 Francesco visited the IAM offices and it was at that time I got to know more about Bliss and become more familiar with Francesco on a personal level.

Francesco’s energy and smile are infectious! I liked him immediately. I see Bliss as a reflection of his personality….energetic, dynamic and always striving for improvement.

Francesco is forward thinking. He seems to always be always looking for ways to diversify and move Bliss forward. I hope I have those same attributes and will be able to drive IAM forward just as Francesco is doing with Bliss.

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