#6 Gabriella Tamasi – Technical Standards Executive at IAG CARGO & Member of IATA LAPB & ULDB

We often know the process that leads from initial input to the final one. We come to know how our removal takes place, how our pet travels from one country to another, how a Relocation service is planned. Instead, our objective is to plunge into this fascinating world by interviewing the leading figures that compose it and live it on a day to day basis.

This is not only a question of “goods” but of successful people who have invested resources for a greater objective, going beyond their professional role. All these people are Global Mobility Leaders and it is our duty to interview them and make them known to the public.

The sixth character interviewed during our series of interviews, “Global Mobility Leaders”, is Gabriella Tamasi, Technical Standards Executive in IAG Cargo & IAM & Member of IATA ULD Board.

Hope you enjoy it!

Question no.1: Question no.1: Introduce yourself, tell us something about you

Gabriella Tamasi, a British – Hungarian national who followed the dream and made London her home. I love the combination of city life, architecture, history and the green spaces of South West London offers. From a young age I always wanted to work in aviation and after a spell in the speciality food sector. (coffee roasting) I decided it was time to join The World’s Favourite Airline British Airways. I am passionate about sustainability and preserving wildlife for future generations and am an active supporter of United for Wildlife.

Question no.2: What do you do for a living? What kind of relationship do you have with the Global Mobility world?

Gabriella Tamasi

I work for IAG Cargo as a Technical Standards Executive in the Network Safety, Security and Conformance Team. I joined British Airways in 2011 and joined British Airways World Cargo in 2012 as Global Product Manager for Specialist Products where I was responsible for the Live Animal and the Secure Cargo product and product development.

I have been a board member of the IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board since 2013. I have been a board member of the Animal Transportation Association since 2015 and have been elected as Vice President in 2018. I am also a member of the IATA ULD board.

I am an IATA ITDI Independent External Trainer specialized in Live Animal Transport.

I won the IAG Cargo Outstanding Performance award twice and in 2018 I received the most prestigious IPATA Industry Partner Award which I am very proud of.

Question no. 3: What kind of characteristics are required for a professional to operate correctly within your field of competence?

I believe it is a combination of skills, attitude and willingness to learn that will determine how successful one will be in our field. We operate in a fast-changing fast-paced industry where customers expect high standards. Attention to detail is key to ensure we do not only meet but exceed the customers’ expectations. When you operate in a specialist field you must be focused on standards and compliance and continuous improvement.

Question no. 4: How do you imagine your sector 10 years from now?

I believe and hope our sector will benefit using technology and AI, real-time tracking will become standard and customers will have a lot more visibility as to how their consignments move across the world. We will have substantially more data to process, we will be able to capture a lot more information, not just the location of shipments but humidity, shock or light exposure. Air cargo is far behind on utilizing e-documentation I hope in 10 years time paper documents will be history. I also hope we will become more conscious of our environment and be more focused on sustainability.

Question no. 5: How do you spend your leisure time? What makes you feel really good?

I spend most of my leisure time kayaking on the Thames. I am a member of the Richmond Canoe Club, so you will see me on the Thames around Richmond at least four times a week. I love nature and the river and find this is not only a good way to keep fit but being on the river takes my mind off everything else.

I love traveling and meeting people from different countries and cultures. What makes me feel good is spending time with friends and colleagues, being in a job I am passionate about, a bit of sunshine and being in nature.

Kayak time🚣‍♂️

Question no. 6: How did you get into contact with Bliss? What impressed you about our reality?

I got to know Bliss through IPATA, I find the Bliss team are very dedicated to high standards which resonated well with my own views. Bliss is always looking to learn and improve but they also know how to have fun.

Question no. 7: How did you meet the President of Bliss Corporation, Francesco Argirò? What do you have in common?

I met Francesco at the International IPATA conference in Madrid in 2012, I feel we have a lot in common we both believe in quality, high standards, providing excellent customer service and ensuring animals are transported with the utmost respect for animal welfare. We both spend a lot of our time traveling, enjoy sports and nature and great food. Some people think we are slightly competitive too. Francesco is very passionate about his job just like me and he is always willing to contribute to the industry.

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